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From Vision to Reality

Introduction Have you ever had a vision about an application but when you ended up creating something the reality isn’t quite what you expected it to be? It can be very hard […]


I’ve been wanting to get into WPF for sometime. As a GP it’s hard to keep up with software development and my personal niche is always going to be desktop. That’s not […]


SERVICES, INTERFACES & SEPARATING ASSEMBLIES. One thing you realise the more you write code is that the less “moving parts” you have the better or to put it another way the more […]


LINQ EXAMPLES. LINQ is probably one of the main reasons why I’ve stuck with C#. It’s such a powerful in memory data manipulation namespace in dotNet and the main reason why you […]


I’m getting into really understanding about delegates and thought I’d share my thoughts around this. I’m just touching the surface, but event driven development is something I’ve wanted to do for sometime. […]