Virtual QOF Recall with PatientChase

Introduction and Rationale The ultimate aim of PatientChase is to help the complex recall process of calling many patients into the clinic with multiple conditions and multiple targets. We purposefully made PatientChase patient-centric rather than target centric to reduce multiple patient contacts for each condition. Unlike EMIS and other services we excel in merging targets […]

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BarCode Buddy

Context Flu jabs are the quintessential conveyer belt system in general practice and the idea is to get through as many patients in the shortest amount of time while still maintaining safety. The non modifiable factors are not on the patient side eg it’s hard to tell a lovely elderly lady to hurry on and […]

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Systems in Health Care

Overview I’ve been mulling around this idea for a few months now and thought I’d finally put fingers to the keyboard. It started from a conversation I had with my local commissioning team around how much impact does primary care actually have on “waste” in health care. What I meant by waste is around having […]

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Email Consultations

Introduction Emails have become an essential method of communicating for the last 40 years and ubiquitous for at least the last 10 years. Every business you can think of uses emails. So why is primary care so far behind? Talking about the service especially to our younger cohort it’s become clear that there is an […]

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I’ve been wanting to get into WPF for sometime. As a GP it’s hard to keep up with software development and my personal niche is always going to be desktop. That’s not to say WPF is new but its principals are here to stay in the desktop .net world. Now I’ve done a little example […]

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Coding Blood Pressure

If you’ve ever wondered how to convert business concepts to 1s and 0s you are in the right place. This blog is a meander around at least how I approach and tiny aspect the problem with Blood Pressure as an example as it’s the first Leaf we are creating in our new application PatientLeaf. Introduction […]

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Introduction PatientLeaf has been a labour of love over the last 8 years. Being a clinician it’s the one application which I’ve been thinking about for some time and most importantly truly believe it’s made a difference to my clinical care in terms of time taken to make a sound clinical decision in the clinic and also […]

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SERVICES, INTERFACES & SEPARATING ASSEMBLIES. One thing you realise the more you write code is that the less “moving parts” you have the better or to put it another way the more you put your moving parts into one contained place the better. Pushing items which change or where there will be change in the […]